The revolution of the dance: Misty Copeland

(Foto: Cortesía)

Misty Copeland, principal ballerina from the American Ballet Theatre, makes a revolution in ballet. She’s one of the Expresiones Triple Bill star, dance show that it’s part of the Opening Cycle from the Conjunto de Artes Escénicas in Guadalajara.

NTR. You broke many traditional dance patterns, could we say that the ballet is ready, then, for a revolution? And where do you think is it heading?

Misty Copeland (MC). Ballet is definitely ready for a revolution. The conversation is being had on many levels. Race and gender equality is what’s being discussed. It’s wonderful. I’m all for holding onto history and tradition. That can coexist with evolution.

NTR. No doubt you inspire the new generations, what do you tell the small children dance students that want to practice an art that is so complex and difficult?

MC. I always start with, “do it for you!” Because you love it. Not because your parents tell you, you have to. Give it a fair chance and decide if you want it. The sacrifice is so big that you need to have a real passion for it!

NTR. Please, share with us three essential moments in your career as a dancer.

MC. Getting the opportunity to work with Alexei Ratmansky. He pushed me in so many ways and ultimately cast me in Firebird, which allowed for the artistic staff to see my potential to become a principal. Dancing Swan lake as the first black woman to do so at ABT, and being promoted to principal.

NTR. Your image has an impact on the marketing of the big name brands, how much does this media attention contribute to the growth of ballet?

MC. It’s been essential. The ideas my manager had to get me to this points with big brands that matched my ideals and beliefs, so that a ballerina could be introduced to audiences that might not be interested or aware of the ballet world.

NTR. Expresiones is happening as a celebration of the opening of a new theatre in Guadalajara, meaning that another place for multiple artistic expressions will take place there, what does it means for you the opening of new theatres nowadays?  

MC. It’s such a beautiful thing that the arts are relevant enough to still have theatre’s being built. And it’s definitely saying a lot about the appreciation that Guadalajara has for the arts. I’m honoured to be a part of it.

NTR. What will you be performing at Expresiones Triple Bill in Guadalajara, Mexico, presented by dancer Isaac Hernandez?

 MC. I will be dancing a work that was created for me and my partner Alexandre Hammoudi, by Marcelo Gomes. It’s titled Tocarre.